WestNet is a solid partner throughout the entire project

Westnet has planned, designed, installed and maintained network and telecom solutions since 2001. In other words, we have broad experience from all parts of the value chain.

This enables us to implement a project from start to finish, or assist wherever necessary.

Planning & design

We plan and design both small and large telecom and computer networks. This can be in the form of separate projects, or as sub-projects under the client’s own project. During this phase, we work on a more general level. We perform various risk assessments, and make technology and equipment recommendations.

Within the field “Technical network design” we focus on detailed planning. During this phase, we make detailed assessments and decisions regarding construction alternatives, installation alternatives and configuration. We perform risk assessments and select the implementation methods. Our choice of method will always depend on complexity and size. Westnet’s default method is our very own “Step-by-step” procedure.

This is used for both onshore and offshore assignments.

Construction and installation

We perform construction work such as establishing and adapting node rooms, installation of antennas and other relevant construction work on location in order to install telecom and computer equipment. We also perform network installations and expansions, from small projects such as short fibre access to major projects, such as new subsea cables, often with connections to platforms and rig. Configuration and testing of transmission equipment are a part of the total delivery in such major projects.

We always review our “step-by-step” procedures ahead of the installation work to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with our quality and HSE standards.

Our testing lab carries out FAT before any equipment is shipped to location (onshore / offshore). Installation work includes the physical installation of equipment, configuration, testing and start-up. One of our project managers will always lead the installation work.

Operations and maintenance

We offer various operations and fault recovery services adjusted to customer needs. This is often combined with preparedness services which are coordinated via our 24-7-365 dispatch centre. We deliver preparedness services with contractual response time.

Operations & fault recovery servicing can include your telecoms and computer networks as a whole or in part, separate pieces of equipment as well as cable systems. Services included in “Operations and Maintenance” include:

  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance following an established time frame
  • Network and equipment support
  • On-Site/On-Call fault recovery
  • Spare part management
  • Software upgrades in accordance with equipment suppliers’ specifications and recommendations

NOC and SPOC services

We have a state of the art 24-7-365 dispatch centre located at Forus outside Stavanger, which handles monitoring of customer communications networks, dedicated on-call services and dispatch services (resource allocation in the event of faults).

In connection with the services at the centre, we have an on-call team of engineers who comprise the second line support should the first line in the centre be unable to solve your issue. The centre currently has offshore and onshore clients in Norway and internationally.

Typical client groups for these services include telecom and broadband operators, the oil industry and other major companies with special communication needs.

Project management

We take on project responsibilities, or we participate in projects with our customers – often with dedicated subproject responsibilities. If desired, we can be a part of the customer’s project organisation.

Focusing on quality, HSE and the bottom line is at the core of what we do. Completion of the project at the agreed upon time and within the agreed upon financial framework is a paramount goal, but never at the expense of HSE and industrial requirements concerning technical standards.

Reporting & documentation

Reporting is a key element of our activities. Customers with operating agreements normally receive monthly operating reports, which include incident logs, scheduled tasks and improvement proposals. We also do the same for other types of assignments and projects. The reports are adjusted to the needs of the customer and in accordance with the scope and complexity of the task.

Examples of reporting/documentation:

  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • End report following project completion
  • Study/analysis report
  • Vulnerability analysis report for telecom and computer networks