We cover a wide spectrum of telecom and network technologies

In order to be the best, we need to keep ourselves up to date on the latest and best solutions. Our resources include experts on most telecom and network disciplines. Westnet comprises people with in-depth expertise who do what they are best at.

Overview of areas:

  • Cables
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Subsea fibre optic cables
  • Pulling subsea cables to fixed offshore installations
  • LAN cables (Cat 5,6,7)
  • Waveguides
  • Minor radio line solutions (2-8Mbit)
  • Major radio line solutions (STM-1++)
  • PointLink systems
  • Transmission
  • Router/switch technology
  • MPLS
  • Switching
  • CCTV

Excerpt of work experience:

  • Onshore and offshore migration projects
  • Design and installing offshore Gbit ring solutions
  • Redundant LoS offshore solutions
  • Main responsibility for the infrastructure, design and instalment of major offshore fibre optic cables
  • Client representation in major offshore projects
  • Testing of fibre optic cables offshore and onshore
  • Planning, designing and installing infrastructure in major projects
  • Planning, designing and installing Wi-Fi solutions
  • Installing Wimax
  • LTE installation project
  • Project management for offshore cable repair project
  • Project management
  • Documentation work
  • Analysis
  • MPLS
  • FAT
  • Operation and maintenance for telecom suppliers
  • Monitoring services
  • Vulnerability analysis