WestNet engineers cover a wide range of disciplines within Telecom- and data communications

Our engineers stay updated on the latest technologies within our core Telecom disciplines both physical fibreoptic infrastructure as well as the Telecom transmission technologies.

Relevant projects and tasks performed on behalf of and together with our customers:

  • Offshore fibreoptic cable projects including Transatlantic subsea cable solutions
  • Project management of landing fibreoptic subsea cable systems to shore (Cable Landing Station) or offshore fixed installations
  • Design, planning, installation, commissioning of radio link systems onshore or offshore
  • Project management of fibre cable accesses and core-net solutions
  • Planning, installation, commissioning of Spectrum and xWDM systems
  • Documentation of customer’s infrastructure in Smallworld or Telemator documentation systems
  • Remote monitoring and operations services of customers’ national and international infrastructure from WestNet Network and Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Testing and analysing of fibreoptic cable systems onshore and offshore
  • Risk assessments

Our well-qualified engineers cover relevant disciplines:

  • Project management (PRINCE)
  • Fibreoptic cable systems (onshore and offshore)
  • Radio link systems including frequencies
  • Transmission technology (Spectrum, xWDM, MPLS)
  • Routing/Switching
  • Cybersecurity (WestNet ISO-27001 certified)
  • Smallworld documentation system (SW)
  • Telemator documentation system (SW)
  • CCTV systems