WestNet certifications and approvals

The WestNet work processes and structure have been customized in accordance with the ISO standard which has resulted in achieving certifications  within ISO 27001:2017 and 9001:2015.

Certified: ISO 27001:2017 and ISO 9001:2015

The certifications give the customers assurance for use of qualified engineers for the work performance and by well-defined work processes, procedures and documentation. Customer data and infrastructure in accordance with the ISO 27001 security standards.

What effects give the ISO standardization?

  • Documented work processes
  • Documented methodology for the different services provided
  • Traceability of the business
  • Systematic analysis of employees competence
  • Deviation management with continuing improvement as focus
  • High data security
  • Strict access control system
  • Risk Assement Analysis
  • The WestNet NOC has customer specified responsibility matrixes and procedures
  • Documented contingency procedures
  • Clearly defined functions and responsibility

Other Certifications and approvals

  • WestNet approved by the Norwegian Communications Authority
  • Offshore certifications – several of our engineers certified for  working offshore both on the Norwegian, UK and other international sectors