We are looking for people who would like to work within Telecom

WestNet are looking for qualified engineers and would like to get in contact with experienced as well as recently graduated professionals with degrees and/or experience within our industry.

Experienced candidates:

  • Minimum bachelor degree within IT/telecom
  • Project management experience
  • Fiber, transmission technologies and IP knowledge
  • Experience with practical work within installations and configurations also appreciated

Recently graduated candidates:

  • Minimum bachelor degree within IT, telecom or electrical
  • Experience within fiber or telecom/IT in general would be appreciated
  • Most important to be curious and see a working potential within the Telecom industry

WestNet main office is located in Maskinveien 9 on Forus outside Stavanger city Centre. The potential candidate(s) will have the opportunity to be working together with highly qualified engineers in a friendly working environment.

Are you interested? Then, please send your CV and a summary of your experience to our mail address: jobb@westnet.no